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Full text of "Deed, Oliver Hastings to Samuel Partridge, 1786"

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* *. 

To all People to whom thefe Pr^fents fliaH come, Greetings 

NOW YE. Thst i/ /f/Li^t^c yfet^'^i^W^*/ ery%,^a^f^^^^ ■^*^^<- 
X- ^ /</ irV^Jfe^rr^p^^^^ ^ 11^1 ■ y ^{ i^xt^ a<^*-ic' H^^'^' 

KNOW YE, That »./ U4.L-Ut.t^ ^/ A^'/ i^f^-^*/ *yjf tV 

-For and tn ConEderation of the Sum of Y'^^-'f • ^^-^-^ *-*^ 

current Money of the GdmmonweaUh 

f e<.f-7^_x^c C 


XfoTcfaid( io 

J«. ^ 



In Hiiid paid before the Enfealing ,hereofby 

e^iJ a-i-ctj^'---^'- - 


^ do hereby acknowledge and ./r'l-y*'* ^jT fully fatinfied, contented and paid. 

ed ana cc 

the Receipt whereof w 

HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, aliened, relcafed, eonveyed ana confirjiled, and^ity th^fe Pr&fents, do freely, 

clearly and abfolutely give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, rcleafe, conyey and confir» unto f'> ' f-m. - - the faid 

_i^^^^yX-*-ti>^6«-*'^^^<''t *'<-.' yC«-^ - Heirs and AflJgQS forCTef, 




O HAVE AND TO HQtD Ihe bcfore-grjnted ^rcaiifeSj with the AppurtenancM 
S, tq ii-t^-rs, the faid ^■e..rr^l*jiL^ 'J^^t-tL^ . , 

and Privileges tlwreto beiorsf-. 


" />>sl6d ^■f'*-'*^ ,-own proper Ufe, Jl^efit and Behoof forevermore. 


-'^-^ * Jleirs and Afligns : 
To >»'<-1 " z?*^'^ /^■f'*-'^^ ^-own proper Ufe, JteneSt and Behoof forevermore. And ^ the faid 

^/<>t5« V. \.J^jm^*^ ^ J^ ^=rt^ t>Zf^r><A^ ~ - .. 14ir3,.Esecutors. 

and Adminiftratore, do Coven^t, ?roniife and>Grant unto and with the faid p^' A/tr»A^i-t- A v/!tt x^,, 

. J^ti^ ' Q Heirs and Aflign/ forever. 

That before and until the Enfealing hereof, v^ ■'■> ■tr*- the true, fole, Moper and lawful Owner and ruffeffor 

of the before-granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances. And have in tT%^^-C-i^~ — good Right, fuli Power 

and lawful Authority to give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, convey and tonfirnythe fame as aforefaid ; and that free 
and clear, and freely and clearly executed, acquitted and difcharged of and from all former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, 
Sales, Leafes, Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joynturcs, Dowries, Thirds, Executions and Incurabranees whatfotver. 

/• * ■'' * ' 

AND FURTHERMORE, v the faid . i-T' f i^*- * ^ *y *■*' ^ ' *^f 

for ■#->-!,' p*^ J^ vT » Heirs, Executors and Adpinillratars, de hc/eby Covenant, Pronsife and «« 

Engage the before-granted Premifes with the Appurtenances unto - -}- the faid « - (T-n ' ' £ £k-^tA-A/L^ 

'/t^ f Heirs and Afligns forever, to / 

Warrant, Secure and Defend agaiaft the lawful Claims or Demands of any PerfoB er Perfons whatfocvcr. ^ , -~ ^ 





6l.c<Sc^ (Ly^AV^/yi4^ V' 





.X'^.y^','^^^^^^^/^^^ ^^^.>^ y^ ^'^ 





//-^^^r /y^^